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Funk to Fabulous

in 14 Days

is an interactive book and video series with 14 days of information and tools, along with activities and forms. It's entertaining and in "bite-sized" sections.

Every day that you complete the tools, you get one of the 1 letters in F-U-N-K-T-O-F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S so when you have completed the phrase you have completed the program!

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Funk to Fabulous

in 14 Days

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Worry & Anxiety


To Thrive!

Do you often find yourself trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts, feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, worries, and stress?


Sometimes life feels like a never-ending marathon. Juggling work-life balance like a circus act gone wild or maybe just riding the rollercoaster of daily highs and lows. Guess what? You've got company! In this zippy world of ours, it's all too common to find ourselves tangled in invisible strings of stress and anxiety, dragging us into a mental funk that feels like a sticky gum on our favorite shoes. But hey, what if I told you there's a secret escape hatch to flip the script?

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Imagine waking up each morning with a renewed sense of energy, optimism, and excitement for the day ahead. With Funk to Fabulous in 14 Days, this can be your new reality.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Proven Techniques

Learn the same strategies Dr. Mary uses with her patients to combat negative thoughts and foster a positive mindset.

Progress Tracking

Celebrate each step of your journey with a unique reward system, completing the phrase ‚ÄúF-u-n-k-t-o-F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s‚ÄĚ as you master the program.

Transformative Results

From reducing anxiety and funk to boosting happiness, witness tangible changes in just two weeks.

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I Want You To Be Happy!

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Hear what people are saying...

"This course was a game changer for me"

By the end of the two weeks, not only had my outlook on life transformed, but I also had a toolkit of strategies to help me maintain my newfound positivity. This course was a game-changer for me, and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone feeling lost in their own funk.

Jennifer S.

"Taking the 'Funk to Fabulous in 14 Days' course was one of the best decisions I've ever made..."

Taking the 'Funk to Fabulous in 14 Days' course was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my mental health. Each day presented a new opportunity to learn about myself and grow. Dr. Wetherby's insights and exercises were incredibly impactful, helping me to break free from the patterns of thought that were holding me back. What's more, the course's structure made it easy to stay committed and motivated throughout the two weeks. I finished the program feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and, most importantly, fabulous. Thank you, Dr. Wetherby, for this life-changing experience!

Wendy P.

Will Decreasing The Funk Bring Happiness?

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Happiness is one of life’s greatest pursuits.

Even if you have been beaten up by life, happiness can happen. Struggles do not have to define you. Throughout my years of practice as a neuropsychologist, I have discovered that there tend to be common elements that help people attain happiness. So, I developed strategies that I find help person after person get closer to their goal of happiness, regardless of the other issues the person is facing. These strategies are like tools for your tool belt, ready to be pulled out and used for a tune-up at any time that they are needed. 

Don't Wait For The Perfect Life!

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Is this course for me?

Hear directly from Dr Wetherby herself about how this course can specifically address your needs and challenges. It's a chance to gain insights into the transformative journey that awaits you, ensuring that the course aligns perfectly with your personal growth goals.

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My 14 day video course will help you overcome stress, anxiety, and melt away the funk!

  • Expert Guidance:¬†Dr. Mary‚Äôs expertise in neuropsychology offers you insights into how your brain works and how you can harness its power.
  • Interactive and Engaging:¬†The course includes brain hacks, step-by-step instructions, and practical exercises to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • Flexibility:¬†Designed for busy lifestyles, the course allows you to learn and grow at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.

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